I've been creating content and applications for decades.

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Founder & President

SKP Studios is made up up of a team of proven innovators that work in all mediums. Combining vast technology toolboxes with proven creative and marketing skills, SKP Studios will help move your company into the post-pc world.


SceneMeter Icon

Founder, President & CEO

SceneMeter developed a real time social networking system for tracking demo/gender behavior patterns

SceneMeter focused on the ever expanding presence of surveillance cameras and developed technology to convert that massive stream of visual information into real time demographic and gender behavior tracking.


CM2 Global Logo

Co-Founder, President & CEO

A 3D mobile messaging company that created cutting edge mobile applications and web content.

CM2 Global utilized proprietary technology to take messaging into another dimension - literally. The company created multiple campaigns for Fox Home Entertainment that featured 3D characters from popular brands.

Click Logo

Co-Founder, President & CEO

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Click Active Media was an award winning interactive agency that won over 45 major industry awards for innovations in web content and applications. For over ten years Click produced content for all the major studios, taking top brands and properties and extending them into interactive experiences.

Interactive Programmer

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Internet Shopping Network was an early adopter of the internet e-commerce. The company created immersive e-commerce applications that pre-dated Amazon and eBay.


Film Logo

PA ~ Production Manager ~ Stage Manager ~ AP ~ AD

Feature Films, Television Commercials, and Corporate Videos.

For over ten years I worked in all aspects of film and video production. Starting as a production assistant for Sesame Street when he was 14 years old, I then worked on films such as Earth Girls are Easy, Married to the Mob. He was the stage manager for special effect genius Mike Schrom, and worked on dozens of top brand commercials from Budweiser and Miller Lite to McDonalds. In addition, he was the production manager for over 75 corporate videos.



1962 – Born: Framingham Mass

1968 – Music: First Drum Set

1972 – Film: Alien Invasion

1972 – Music: First Band with Dave Fields and Mark Marshall

1976 – Film: Colt 45 Commercial Take-offs, The Environment Series

1976 – Film: Production Assistant at Sesame Street

1980 – Film: NYU Film School

1984 – Video: Production Coordinator for 75 industrial videos

1987 – Commercials: Stage Manager for Griner Questa Productions, New York City

1988 – TV & Film: Production Assistant for Legwork, Married to the Mob

1989 – Commercials & Film: Production Assistant, including Miller Life, Budweiser, Kudos and Earth Girls are Easy, Los Angeles

1992 – Technology: Publishing specialist at Quark, Localizing Quark Xpress in 12 languages

1993 – Technology: Interactive Programming in Macromedia Director, San Francisco

1994 – Technology: Interactive Programmer for Internet Shopping Network

1995 – Technology: Co-Founded Click Active Media, an Interactive Content and Marketing Company

2005 – Technology: Co-Founded CM2 Global, a Mobile Content and Application Development Company

2007 – Technology: Founded SceneMeter, a Social Networking Company

2012 – Technology: Founded SKP Studios, a Content and Application and Development Company

2018 – Technology: Developed The Spheres Business Intelligence Platform